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Salt-Free Water Softener Installation Service In Austin

Central Texas offers some of the hardest water in the country. Soften the water in your home with a professionally installed, brand name salt-free water softener. Without them hard water can leave behind buildup that can damage your household fixtures and drastically decrease their lifespan and function.

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Salt vs. Salt Free

What's best for your home?

How Salt-Free Systems work

Which is cheaper to install?

What is the maintenance for a salt-free system?

Here's How We Can Take Care of You:

Softening Services We Provide

Salt Free Softener Installation:

We provide the best salt free water softening and reverse osmosis systems. Our experts conduct  water hardness tests to recommend and install the perfect water softening system tailored to your home’s specific needs. If you'd like to purchase your own system, we've got you covered as well. Just give us a call or schedule a request and we'll walk you through the whole process.

System Repairs & Upgrades:

Whether it's a minor issue or a need for a major upgrade, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle all your water softener repair needs. We stay updated on the latest advancements in water softening technology to offer you the best solutions.

Education & Support:

Our commitment goes beyond installation. We educate homeowners on their water softening systems, providing tips for optimal performance and support for any questions or concerns.

Is Salt-Free Better Than a Salt Based System?

What is Best for Your Home?

In Central Texas, choosing the right water softener is crucial due to our very hard water. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide:

Salt-Based Softeners: These are great for Central Texas because they actually remove the minerals that make water hard. This means softer water for your skin, longer life for your appliances, and less buildup in pipes.

Salt-Free Softeners: These don’t remove hard minerals but make them less likely to cause buildup. They're simpler to maintain but might not be enough for the hard water here in Central Texas.

The Best Choice? For homes in Central Texas dealing with hard water, salt-based softeners are usually the way to go. They tackle the problem head-on by removing the minerals that cause hardness.

For tackling hard water in Central Texas, salt-based systems often offer the best solution. Need help deciding? Proven Plumbing can guide you to the right choice for your home, ensuring you get the best water quality possible.

Why Proven?

Why use Proven Plumbing? Its simple:

  • We hire Plumbers to get the job done, not salesmen.

  • Upfront Pricing - No surprises on your bill!

  • Over 1000+ 5 star reviews with a 4.9 star average over Google, Nextdoor, and Yelp. 

  • Locally and family owned - not some massive corporation.

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